Hi Mandi

For all new members of Forbidden Pink who want to introduce themselves.
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Hi Mandi

Post by Gentlebiperv »

Hi Mandi. You look great. Looking forward to visiting you. I'm having some trouble accepting my strong stiff attraction to shemales. I feel kinda guilty after watching shemale porn but keep cumming back. I'm not sure if my attraction is from porn propaganda and brainwashing or it's from me. I'm middle aged and had some shemale experiences in Toronto when I was young but have sort of suppressed my desires for shecock in reality.
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Re: Hi Mandi

Post by Mandi »

Hi back. Thanks for the compliment, and for joining the forum.

Its cool watching porn. If you were not really into it, you wouldn't watch it. Just think of all the music you don't like and I doubt you listen to it. It's like that. At least that is how I look at things.
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